Latest News: The Indie Christmas Album has just been released by World Domination Music, Tim’s current music publishers. It includes one of Tim’s “oldies” – Xmas Night – which was recorded and produced for him by the legendary producer Rob Davis in the 90s.
Thanks to David & Dan Buskell and Nelson King.
For details on how to purchase, please go to the Discography page.

A new 16 track compilation including several previously unreleased tracks is now available on renowned international label First Night Records – for details on how to purchase, please go to the Discography page.

Currently focusing on major Cruise Line work and Five Star Hotels etc.

Visit our YouTube page and see and hear Tim performing!

Ready to rock in Beijing again…thanks to the very talented Julia who designed the T-Shirt. You should see the dragon & the Great Wall on the back…amazing!

Tim Ambler

Tim Ambler is a highly versatile international musician, recording artist and songwriter with a career that has seen him perform music all over the world, in bars, in hotels, on cruise ships, at festivals, at countless corporate events and in theatres.   

He also has performed his songs live on national TV and radio in Ireland and in France. Tim Ambler’s music spans his own original songs through to classic hits and his performance can conjure an intimate, romantic ambience or a rousing, party atmosphere.

In the past, Tim has been particularly active on the worldwide Irish Live Music circuit but currently is focusing on 5 and 6 Star hotel venues in Asia, performing for some of the world’s most famous luxury Hotel Groups.

Fluent in French, Tim often performs at “chanson” festivals with his own musical repertoire from his French language album “Les Rêves de Domino”.

Evocative and original, Tim’s “distinctive voice and finely crafted songs” have been compared to Cat Stevens, Barry Gibb, James Taylor and Jim Croce. Several of Tim’s original songs have also been recorded by a number of internationally known artists.

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Tim's first French language album - available now

Watch the brand new video of The One (November Day) here :-