(Words & Music: Ambler)

As he was wading out to sea
He was wondering why it had to be
That the game was left to chance
Another victim of circumstances
But how would he ever know
The spirit of love will flow
From out of the seed love grows? Always, the spirit of love will grow,

And as the plane came in to land
She was wishing it had all gone to plan
And she gazed back over time
And she prayed for a chance to rewind
But when will she ever learn
the spirit of love will burn
And move us all in turn? Always the spirit of love will burn,

But how could he ever walk away
From all those memories
When they touched a part of him he thought
Was lost in history?
And now they talk from time to time
When he’s drowning now she throws him a line
And they laugh about the old days
Through a wine-drenched, rose-coloured haze
No matter what’s been and gone
The spirit of love lives on and on and on and on
Always, the spirit of love lives on,

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