(Words & Music: Ambler)

Nothing changes here, cathedral bells ring loud and clear
The city life goes on from year to year
Then to my surprise, I seemed to recognise
A cafe on the corner of the old town square
Where may years before, we sheltered from the storm
In the early morning rain and I knew I’d lost you


Stand on the corner, close your eyes
Where we said our last goodbyes
Hear the song I sang for you
You will feel the déjà vu
On the corner where we cried
Without a question or reply
And the rain was crashing down
Makes me shiver even now
On the corner where we cried
On the corner

The lido beach was clear
Down where the crowds had gathered near
The night the choir was singing for New Year
People danced all night in the burning firelight
Hours before the morning of the fight
And I watched you disappear
As the wind howled in my ears
And I called into the storm but my words just died


I’m running out of time to hide
From the pain of swallowed pride
And this town that I adore
Is never gonna be the same


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