2012 – The Indie Christmas Album – WORLD DOMINATION MUSIC

The Indie Christmas Album includes one of Tim’s “oldies” – Xmas Night – which was recorded and produced for him by the legendary producer Rob Davis in the 90s. Thanks to David & Dan Buskell and Nelson King.

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The One (November Day)

Falling From A Satellite

Made of Wood

The Corner

Xmas Night

Always (Spirit of Love)

Too Late

2011 – Don’t Cry For Me – FIRST NIGHT RECORDS.

This is a compilation co-ordinated by Tony Hiller (Tim’s former music publisher) of Hyde Park Music. Released digitally worldwide on this renowned label, the album contains 16 self-penned compositions including several previously unreleased tracks.

Tim Ambler (2000)

The self-titled debut album released on Tibar Records and distributed by Sony Music Ireland.

The album features 12 self-penned songs (see tracks here).

Les Rêves de Domino (2003)

Available on release from Venise Productions, France. Tim’s first French language album.
Lyrics by Agnès Martin, music composed by Tim.
The album includes Agnès’ adaptations of “The Corner” and “November Day”.

Fall From Grace (2003)

Available on release from New Pastures Productions.
Produced by Dick Farrelly with Tim Ambler and Albert Cowan. Distributed by Record Services Ireland and in record shops now. Eleven tracks, including Tim’s first French language song co-authored by Agnès Martin.

Listen to three clips from Fall From Grace! Click to download these MP3 files!

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Songs recorded by other artists:

Whatever Will Be – recorded by Francesco Baccini under the Italian title “Quand ‘e Che Mi Dici Si”

(click here to play “Quand ‘e Che Mi Dici Si”. This is a large file – please be patient whilst loading).

Don’t Cry For Me – recorded by Elkie Brooks

The Right Side Of Love – recorded by Joe Dolan

Rosanna Tonight – recorded by Joe Dolan

In My Sleepless Night – recorded by Dominic Kirwan

Northern Lights Are Shining For Me – recorded by Dominic Kirwan

The Corner – recorded by Sally Oldfield

Only I – recorded by The Polish winner of THE VOICE Mateusz Ziolko, and also by Kirsten Orsborn and the country artist Jody Lynn in Nashville,Tennessee

The One (November Day) – recorded by country artist Claire Petrie in Nashville, Tennessee, USA

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