(Words & Music: Ambler and Edwards)

Every night out on the edge of time
I’ve been so lonely here on my own
But listen child don’t you worry now
I see a new horizon, and it’s calling me home
Across the universe we’ll fly, and when we reach the other side
Here in my life there’s a place for you to stay
Morning after morning girl, let heaven have it’s way


And whatever will be will be my love
And we’re only just sowing the seeds
For now and forever, let our hearts run free
And whatever will be will be my love
Whatever will be will be

When the road is dark and you can’t find no one
To reach out and take your hand
Listen child, don’t you worry now
Just hear the words of comfort that I send
When every ray of hope is gone
I’ll be your shoulder to lean on
Here in my arms, you won’t ever have to cry
No more nights to face alone, there’ll be no last goodbyes


In a world where nothing’s easy
There’s a new dawn that awaits
The road is so much clearer now
With every step I take


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