(Words & Music: Ambler)

It’s cold out here on the other side
When you can’t see a way through the mist
And the girl in the corner
Looks over with a smile and you turn away
She don’t know how crazy it all is
And somehow, as if in a trance, you look over again
And somewhere, there’s a fire burning within
And you’re so sure every word you speak
Has been spoken before
And your mind is aching and your head is in a spin


And you don’t need to tell me I’m right
But it’s all so strange like you’re
Falling from a satellite
And the girl with the dreams
I know she’ll survive, she told me so
When she poured out her heart
To the song on the radio

A familiar hand in an alien land
Always feels so good
And sometimes I think maybe it’s worth another try
But when the girl in the hallway points to
A doorway and you follow her down
You know she knows you wanna fly high


And I hope those dreams come true
In your distant world
Lonely little dreaming girl

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