The Corner Live

June 2020

Words and music by Tim Ambler recorded during “lockdown” 2020.

The Tim Ambler Collection

Preview July 2020.

Latest album released by German label ZYX MUSIC.

Contains previously unreleased tracks and is available now on all download and streaming stores worldwide!

Don't Cry For Me

This was around the mid 90’s when I was hanging out a lot with Gerry Crowley the A&R man for Ritz Records in London. Gerry introduced me to Tony Hiller, a multi million selling songwriter & producer most renowned for creating “Brotherhood of Man” – we wrote this song the same afternoon that we met for the first time in Tony’s London apartment. Having Russ Ballard produce it really added something special to the track. That’s Russ whistling on the intro – I can’t whistle to save my life!

(Hold on Tight) Till the New Morning Comes

Tim’s first single release on ZYX this song looks at the global Covid pandemic and its place in human history.

The Corner

This is like an old friend now. Written not about me but actually about an old friend. Sally Oldfield once recorded a nice version of this but never released it. Sang it on TV in Ireland a few times including the Gerry Kelly Live show on UTV Belfast….it’s been recorded by several other people but……we live in hope. Billy Farrell and Anto Drennan again on production and guitars.

Solitary Sun

I remember scribbling these lyrics down in the back of a taxi in New York sometime in 2001. Didn’t really know what I was talking about, but it sometimes gives me an eerie feeling now. The melody had come to me before in one of those early morning, half awake/half asleep states.

Whatever Will Be (J. Vincent Edwards)

One of my collaborations with my old pal J. Vincent Edwards, star of the original HAIR musical and writer of amongst other things the huge hit “Right Back Where We Started From” -fantastic singer, but above all an old and very close friend, who has helped and advised me an awful lot over the years. This was written around his keyboard in Barnes, South West London one afternoon. I later took it to Italy and it would be covered by the household name Italian artist, Francesco Baccini….now there’s another story! Good end result though.

When Robbers Run

Tim’s second brand new release on ZYX, this delightful, reggae infused, catchy and summery track will have your foot tapping for sure!

Falling From A Satellite

A very old song written in some kind of altered state when I was a Law student at Hull University. This recording was later in Dublin & shows off the fine chops of Irish man Aengus Devine on piano.

Always (Spirit of Love)

Possibly the most sophisticated chord progression I ever managed to dig up, just as I was learning piano. Strings arrangement here is by Billy Farrell and guitars by Anto Drennan, the guys who ended up producing for the Corrs and having lots of other, much deserved success. Wonderful musicians both.

Morning Has Broken

Tim sings Morning Has Broken, live.

Quand'e' che mi dici si (Francesco Baccini)

This is Baccini’s Italian version of “Whatever Will Be” which achieved substantial sales and huge airplay in Italy. It also became popular with Italian rock guitar enthusiasts thanks to a fine, rip-roaring solo by one of Italy’s top axe-men Andrea Braido. This is the number referred to in the copyright story which you can read here.