(Music: Ambler Words: O'Beirn & Ambler)

The trees are blue, the skies are green
The circus walked on last year’s scene
Oh my, my mind keeps rolling back to you
I’m feeling up, I’m feeling down
I’m feeling like it’s time for leaving town
But I really don’t know what to do
I’d call you now but I’ve forgotten how
To be a part of you, to win the heart of you
To be in love with you


So is it strange to want to find a way
To say the things you’ve got to say?
You tell me if I’m dreaming
And is it wrong to hold out for
The one you know can make your day
And blow your mind away?

In the shadow of a passing cloud
Under mountain rain, I’ll call your name out loud
And hear the echo coming back at me
Until the moment fate will find
A time for you and me, that comes so easily
A time that’s meant to be


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